20 Years after Kurt Cobain…


In all honesty this site wouldn’t exist without the grunge music of Seattle and it’s unintentional spokesperson, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Like many other sites today we reflect on the past 20 years since his tragic death.

So much has changed in the realm of rock music since ’94. You could almost say it’s impact has been considerably softened when it comes to pop culture relevance. There was an attempted resurgence in the early 00’s but nothing has come close to what rock music did for the youth in the 90s. Before the world of social media there was just true human interaction with music. Most people my age long for a time when we become more physical and less digital much like the age of the 90s.

Kurt Cobain wasn’t just the lead singer of my favorite band. He represented all of us; the angst filled youth that would come to define most of my teen years. I remember sitting in my 5th grade class when we heard the news of his passing. A 7th grader ran into the room and even though we were all still so young we had all been listening to Nirvana for most of the school year. Even at 10 years old we knew all the words to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. There was a wave of sadness that came over the classroom. And before we even knew what Nirvana really meant to us, we knew that something was changing. After that day, rock music was never the same.

So in looking back over the last 20 years since his death I’m not thinking somber thoughts today. Kurt touched and continues to impact my life and so many others and for that we wear our Nirvana t-shirts and continue to play their music loud and proud.

















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    I actually live in Washington state. Yesterday, I heard Come As You Are on the radio. The day before that I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit. It was weird hearing those songs, haven’t heard them in a long, long time.

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