Muse Study : Wyatt & Fletcher Shears


The concept of a ‘muse’ I’ve always found to be so intriguing. Last year Hedi Slimane of Saint Laurent stumbled upon androgynous twins, Wyatt and Fletcher Shears of the lo-fi, noise rock band, The Garden.

The guys were discovered by a scout while playing a gig in L.A. and the rest is history as they say. Slimane flew them to Paris to open and close the Fall 14 menswear show and to star in the music series of the Saint Laurent campaign. In an interview on Vice, they said they weren’t even sure that it was really the famous French fashion house at all and weren’t going to call them back. When they found it was the real deal they became muses to one of my inspirations both in fashion and in photography.







images via vice | google

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    very nice to look at. still undecided on their music. i like how theyre kinda all over the place,sometimes sounding radio rock 90s, sometimes like the Srokes & even feeling WitchHouse vibes on some tracks. not bad

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