“Nothing Left to Say” by Simone Golfieri for fashiongrunge.com

DSC_6555Dark and mysterious is the mood and atmosphere of this editorial from Milan for the site. Shot by Simone Golfieri and styled by Serena Pompei, we are taken into a world of nonchalance and indifference but with an edgy rebellious spirit.



vintage vest, dress by Ambra D’Oro

DSC_6132orizzontalepullover by Blackblessed, vintage hat

DSC_5990cardigan by Blackblessed, socks by American Apparel, shoes by Nike


maxi coat by Blackblessed, top by Brandy Melville, skirt by Ambra D’Oro


pullover by Blackblessed

Photographer:  Simone Golfieri

Styling:  Serena Pompei

MUA: Barbara Saltalippi

Model:  Francesca Turchetta

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