“Meeting Across the River” by Maxi Diaz for fashiongrunge.com

1-1I love when I come across new submissions from New York City. Photographer Maxi Diaz, who is based in Spain sent this colorful edgy urban story from his recent trip to the city. Combined with playful patterns, 90s trends, and a tomboy feel this editorial is just what we all need to take the chill off these upcoming winter months.

2-2top by Hamlet’s Vintage

3-1top by Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty, skirt by Lana Redman, shoes by Celine,hat by E Patton


5-1dress by Hamlet’s Vintage, hat by E Patton, shoes by Celine

6-1top by Lana Redman, shorts by FONY, shoes by Celine

7-1dress and vest by Hamlet’s Vintage, shoes by Celine

8-1dress by Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty

9-1photography: maxi diaz

stylist: caitlan hickey

model: maira moura @ marilyn

hairstylist: alyssa lorraine

makeup: ricardo delgado

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