Exclusive: After Glow by Mamen Fajardo


This exclusive series for the site by Madrid based photographer Mamen Fajardo is a departure from the ‘grunge’ aesthetic that you immediately think of. That’s one of the reasons I like this one so much. Even outside the normal constraints of the term you can put your own individual interpretation on the era of music that birthed a fashion movement as well. Enjoy.

afterglow_1top by Amaya Arzuaga; Brooch & rings “Gustavo Delgado Joyas; Necklace Camelia Ríos Joyas


Dress by Melania Moya; Necklace by Camelia Ríos Joyas ; Rings by Gustavo Delgado Joyas


Top by Amaya Arzuaga; Necklace, rings & earrings by Gustavo Delgado Joyas


Jacket by Natalia de Lara; Necklaces by Papiroga; Ring by Gustavo Delgado Joyas


Dress by De la Rue; Earrings & Rings by Gustavo Delgados Joyas; Headpiece by CORE


Vestido by Melania Moya; Necklace & Bracelet by Camelia Ríos Joyas; Ring by Gustavo Delgado Joyas


Top by MadRubb; Bracelet,Ring, Necklace & earrings by Camelia Rios Joyas

 Photographer: Mamen Fajardo 

Model: Ángela Gómez de Olea 

Stylism: CORE 

MUA & Hair: Mario Rubio 


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