Exclusive: Here She Comes Again by Jay Aparecida Rodriguez


One of our favorite contributing photographers from France, Jay has sent a personal series especially for the site.  Here are a few words from him on his photography process and his desire to shoot in film these days.

“I met Seoyoon randomly 5 years ago in Paris, then she went back to her hometown Seoul (Korea)  to become a professional model. In January 2015,  it was the first time she came back to Paris so we decided to do a photoshoot. To be honest sometimes my home is my studio. So we did the photoshoot there. Stylists are always looking for studios but it’s harder for me to be inspired there. I prefer this kind of intimacy that you can create with all the stuff in your place. Then it’s all about angles & crops.

Many young photographers are always desperate to make everything look very neat to prove they can do very polished work and be commercially viable. I really don’t care about that.
I’m 25 and I’m always shooting with a lot of darkness & a bit of light. In this case, only one small window! The challenge was there. It’s always a tough one because there’s a lot of pressure for stylists & make up artists because I’m also only using film (medium format), so they can’t see the results immediately. However, it’s an aesthetic that I choose. I know everything changed in the industry of course. I would still like to stay a film photographer because it changes the way you shoot and compose a picture.
I’d say one  thing : for me film photography is a very old fashioned process, like painting, being romantic about things ….I have an old fashioned view of art, but I’m looking for beauty & sublime. I tried to make Seoyoon look gorgeous & beautiful as simple as she is, because the simple & natural interpretation of someone or something can be the most beautiful thing in the world.”

#2#3#4#5#6#7#8#9Photography: Jay Aparecida Rodriguez

Stylist & Make-up: Paula Da silva

Model: Seoyoon @ W Model Agency

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