Exclusive: Abandoned by Holly Jane Northover

000004The essence of film photography is something that I truly love so when there is a story behind it, the photos come to life in a new way.

In Holly’s words:

I am an analogue photographer, residing in Melbourne, Australia. This set was shot at an abandoned house on my street that I walk past everyday. I went and explored one night with my point and shoot camera and loved the detail in all the rooms and how the place had such a story and feel to it. I styled my model Emma to look as though this is somewhere she would hang out, escaping the world. I pushed the film to give it a grainy look inside, and used the natural light outside with slower film. Having that light and dark look creates a balance of elegance and toughness in the photos and for the emotion of the story they portray.

000008000010000013000014000019000025000028000034000035000043000045PHOTOGRAPHER & STYLIST – Holly Jane Northover

MODEL – Emma Davies


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