Exclusive: Ride Fast by Sharokh Mirzai

motor-bike-with-chris-sharokh-mirzai-2015Neoprene Stripe String Bikini – LE LANI by BODYBINDS
Black Silver Stud Leather Jacket – THE SWAY NYC
Metallic Neoprene Bikini – LE LANI by BODYBINDS
White Crop Silver Stud Leather Jacket – THE SWAY NYC

Let’s face it, every girl has had thoughts about a motorcycle. Whether it’s riding on the back of one or having your own. This editorial shot in Brooklyn, NY shows that you can still have that city sensibility with a bit of edge for the open road.

girls-on-american-tableMetallic Dot Two Piece – LE LANI by BODYBINDS
Prism Blue Leather Jacket – THE SWAY NYC
Arlete Gold Monokini – MIRAME
Byron White Leather Jacket – THE SWAY NYC


anastasia-flag-sharokh-2015anastasia-shaking-in-leatherWhite Crochet One Piece – NIGHTWALKER
Saturday Night Braids and Fringe Biker – THE SWAY NYC


blonde-on-bike-soloDebby Stars Monokini – MIRAME
Jett Boots – MODERN VICE



Photography: Sharokh Mirzai

Styling: Jess Mederos

Hair & Makeup: Laura Mitchell

Models: Anastasia & Irina @ ADAM Models

Location: The Shop, Brooklyn NY

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