Work Hard Play Hard by Matija Tomc

Work Hard Play Hard IThere are certain parts of the world that I just need to explore. Slovenija being one of them. Well, all of Europe for that matter. An editorial from Matija Tomc just proves that need even more. Here are a few words about this series…

“Few days prior the shooting I had a conversation with Mateja about life in general. She told me her favorite horror movie was Kubrick’s “The Shining” so I watched it the next day. There was this scene in the movie, which made me think and left me somehow in an uneasy state of mind. It was a part when a writer’s wife discovered her husband typed numerous pages of his novel with a same sentence “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. I personally believe balance is the key to sanity. Sometimes when you have to work hard for your cause it is also necessary to find some time for the play. Only balanced mind can shine through your personality.”

Work Hard Play Hard IIWork Hard Play Hard III

It was a rainy Friday afternoon when we started shooting. Original plan was to make a few fashion test shots using some props in combination with different outfits. There was something about the location though which made us drift in a playful mood making this totally useless but fun editorial. The Vila is located in the midst of the Alps by the Lake Bled and was originally owned by Yugoslavian communist dictator Josip Broz Tito in the 80’s. Later it was turned in to the beautiful luxury hotel leaving all the original furnishings of the era intact. Like the hotel in the movie, Tito’s Vila also stays closed during harsh winter time, leaving a timeless melancholic sent in the air.

Work Hard Play Hard IVWork Hard Play Hard V

Snapshot is my favorite technique. I always shoot in JPEG using very little postproduction. As a fashion photographer I usually remove skin anomalies and clothing tags when rented outfits are involved. True moment is something I aim for every time. I believe clothing should support models personality, not the other way around.

Work Hard Play Hard VI

Work Hard Play Hard

Photographer: Matija Tomc
Model: Mateja Škraba
Fashion editor: Špela Jambrek
Location: The Vila Bled Hotel, Slovenija

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