Lunch Break : A Chat with Jade Taylor of Nylon Magazine


What do you get when you cross a beauty-obsessed girl and a Buffy Fan? The Senior Beauty Editor of Nylon Magazine, Jade Taylor.

I got together with her a bit ago on a super hot day in Soho to talk some things beauty, unknown facts and of course our Buffy idols.

She has this super multi colored hair that’s just turning into pastel. Walking down Greene St. on a spring day just guarantees that everyone will be out and about in the street. We find a ledge on a set of steps in the area and while I only have five questions, the one I was dying to ask was first.


I asked Jade, “Who is your favorite character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and why?” I knew this would be a good one since we could talk about the show for another 20 minutes which I usually do on the daily. “I would have to say Drusilla, because I relate to her so much. Mom got me into Buffy cause she knew I was a weird kid”. I mean who could forget Druscilla, one half of some of my favorite characters in the Buffyverse. There aren’t even words for what we could say about Spike. She goes on to describe the inner qualities that attracted her, “ the maroon tip nails, she was very sure of herself and she would totally pick Spike.” After that our conversation turned to the beauty industry and what she does at Nylon.


“I’ve always loved beauty. My best friend took me to the MAC counter when I was younger and it all started. When I moved to New York I was an assistant at a Japanese fashion magazine.” Over the past few years I’ve noticed a shift at Nylon so I was anxious to hear more about what goes into each issue. “I do beauty for the underdogs.” Jade says. “The cool girls, and I’m very inspired by strong opinions.” For instance Meredith from the band Perfect Pussy. Jade is aware of everything that goes into each issue and knows that the reader is “their own kind of cool.”


What’s something that people don’t know about you? “I haven’t had a computer for 3 years. For 7 years or so I didn’t have a tv, and I really liked not having one too.” With a social media following of over 20,000 on instagram , that’s certainly something I would never expect. It’s even more awesome to know that you don’t need to be connected every second of the day with various devices to share your world. 


Now, to get the inside word on some beauty brands that we all should know. By Terry, Purely Perfect (the cleansing creme gets high praise), and Auric Blends. Egyptian goddess happens to be Jade’s favorite.


Even though it was just a quick lunch break, it was awesome getting a chance to check out the Nylon offices and see the girl behind the beauty pages each month in one of the magazines I’ve been reading since my teens.

photos by me 

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