Model Files: Darwin Gray


It’s been a while since so in honor of the Mens fashion shows going on at the moment I thought I would share one of my favorite new faces, Darwin Gray.

He’s signed with Storm in London , Elite in Milan, and this is certainly just the beginning of this 18 year old Brits career. Over the past year he’s been doing steady edgy editorial work and has completed several show seasons. His style gives off the cool vibe of Steve McQueen and bone structure of James Dean.

Here’s a collection of my favorite images of him so far.

_ARC0424.1366x20481_513DSCN4704malemodelafterLouisVuitton_1_6tumblr_nbj7kchpxQ1sz4d8lo1_1280tumblr_nbnvysNwMq1t11r9qo1_r1_1280tumblr_ndeppj5ghb1t11r9qo1_500tumblr_ne6bb130Uw1qeereko1_500tumblr_ne7mtuUuCM1qhodd8o1_1280tumblr_nkbd1plKDH1sf8a6jo1_500photos via thefashionspot & tumblr

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