Model Files: Delilah Parillo

tumblr_ndz1m3tRqs1qcubk4o1_1280Sometimes I miss California. I spent the last five years there and being on the East Coast feels like home, but there is just a little something missing. There is this buzz and energy that the West Coast has; I don’t know if it’s the perpetual great weather or the postcard landscapes but it can only be described as different from the place I grew up.

Contrary to popular belief the fashion scene in California has it’s own speed and flow as well. I tend to like the models in the East and Europe a bit more but there are those certain faces that transcend past the typical “hollywood actress” type of look. Model Delilah Parillo is one of my current muse crushes. She’s been making waves in the past year and now being signed to NEXT, she’s reaching international heights. With probably the most perfect blonde beach hair, she’s bringing the laid back vibe to her work across the lands. For now let’s enjoy the sun-drenched golden state in some of my favorites of her recent work.


tumblr_nb1iwmCVlm1qdc5tro1_1280tumblr_n85hmzPEGy1qcubk4o1_1280tumblr_nbzck4Jk241s2d0bjo1_1280tumblr_ndi0vkfKUx1qljft7o1_1280tumblr_nekp032ZyW1s2ls9lo1_1280tumblr_nm9w69lJ4z1r3iqwxo1_1280tumblr_nmenh6puyo1sqstgio1_500tumblr_np48e2j3QS1rlcp9oo1_1280tumblr_npaoohYgmx1sql59lo1_1280tumblr_npb41f2gOF1qm1l9go1_1280tumblr_nqd1kwn0I91ravbodo1_500images by Darren Ankenman, Caroline Mackintosh, and Henrik Purienne

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