Inside My Head: Saint Laurent S/S 16 Menswear


Ok, Hedi Slimane needs to stop living inside my head. His new collection for Saint Laurent channels the 90s heavy as he titles it, “Surf Sound”. For most of the fashion worlds knows by now the Slimane is deep in the world of California and grunge style. Now there are many critics that each season seem to be lost with the idea that he is putting forth in his designs. I for one always get it, and probably always will.


While I’ve come to always count on Slimane for designs that are so closely inspired by musical genres, he certainly returned back to some of his favorite moments from the grunge era. In this collection you’ll find 60s mod dresses reborn with combat boots and layers upon layers of mis matched cardigans, flannels, and tees that can only be the new gen of Saint Laurent.

saintlaurent_3saintlaurent_4saintlaurent_5saintlaurent_6saintlaurent_7saintlaurent_8saintlaurent_9_A2X0987photos via

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