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tumblr_nshd2xcdMW1rnshuto1_1280When you get the ease of Ian Curtis, the energy of Kurt Cobain, and the look of Edward Furlong you get a glimpse of Elias Bender Rønnenfelt of the Danish band Iceage. I was first introduced to them by my friend Joey, and after a few months of consistently listening to their records, I began to have a grasp on their sound. Their earlier tracks remind me of a post-punk grunge sound but with a Scandinavian style.

Over the past 2 years Iceage has reached a level of indie popularity, playing the music festival circuit as well as doing club tours for their album that was released last year.

tumblr_nrl2x70WQc1r6iulro1_1280Lead singer Elias has been featured in a few fashion magazines such as Flaunt and Vogue, notably for his rugged yet infectious style. I really love the way he seems to have an 80s look but also with bits of 90s thrown in. Here are some photos to start your week with some musical and fashion inspiration.

87fef0ba9f33b1125a3e30c789e930ef111483420141118-133757-4-1000x666we20141118-133901-3-1000x666weElias Bender Rønnenfelttumblr_muanmaHxzv1qigxlco1_1280tumblr_mxi6i6YJs71qzdaego1_1280tumblr_nrctskePyD1uszdtpo1_540tumblr_nremejGM1Z1uyjz89o1_500tumblr_nsedwxJUXi1s7hoxro1_1280tumblr_nsflngU5pi1qe122ko1_1280tumblr_nsh0poX6T21qe122ko1_1280image via tumblr

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