Model Crush: Lia Pavlova

tumblr_mggi9de1bp1rus16fo6_1280There is seriously something in the water over in Russia. Countless supermodels in the 90s and the newest girls dominating the industry seem to be from the East.

One of my newest model crushes is Lia Pavlova who was first seen as a Gucci exclusive a few years back on the runway. Since then she’s been in Saint Laurent shows, modeled in the Alexander Wang resort lookbook, and has even landed the campaign for the Gucci F/W 15 season shot by Glen Luchford. While she has a high fashion look and tends to shoot with luxury brands, her personal style seen on her instagram and her indie fashion editorials really encompass the 90s it girl style.

150612-L_Obs-J-2351_v1_0JYYzgltumblr_mopoppFTWJ1qbqy6wo1_5402uKFXPltumblr_nqdn1rrNb71rc2v9lo1_1280whatever6_zps84e23fc1whatever5_zps817c6403tumblr_nrbegmtzQX1t03dz8o2_540photos via tumblr

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