90s TV Rebel Girls

The archetype of the tv “rebel” girl in the 90s definitely had many faces. Each one of them were easily some of the best on television at the time. Since I love their style just as much as their snarky personalities, I thought it would be perfect to compile a list of some of the best on the small screen in the 90s.



Rayanne Graff- My So Called Life

Now, this list isn’t ranked but if it was Rayanne would definitely be secure on the top of this list. Is it because now at 32 I still worship her style choices or because she played the role so well as Angela Chase’s best friend who also opened her eyes to very realistic problems that existed outsider her sheltered bubble. I still have the utmost respect for the creators of this show.

002tumblr_m4x1syam2K1qf8elpo1_1280Jen Lindley- Dawson’s Creek

Yes, Jen is on the list. When she first blew into town she was the rebel from New York sent to Capeside to reform her ways. Instead she ended up falling for the boy next door, breaking his heart, but finally getting all of her crazy behavior in check for college where she found her own stride. She’s one of my favorites on the show and there’s more to her character than meets the eye.

3X17ENE02958a6ae94990b659e44af41f68b1821813Faith- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Originally Faith was called to be a slayer and eventually made her way to Sunnydale. Proving that she was the opposite of Buffy in almost every way, she eventually turned over the dark side. And by dark side, I mean way dark. She returned near the end of the series but always maintained her evil side when faced with a final battle.



Isabel Evans- Roswell

Remember the show where three aliens lived as angsty x 2 teenagers at West Roswell High. Isabel Evans was Max Evan’s sister and probably one of the most badass girls to look up to when I was in high school. She makes no apologies and pretty much does whatever she wants. Including hanging with the boys and finding her true identity.



Kim Kelly- Freaks and Geeks

Kim is a true badass. She has no filter, does whatever the fuck she wants and looks truly amazing while doing it. Lets not forget her crazy homelife and totally dreamy boyfriend aka. James Franco.

daria-roomtumblr_lp5qm0wVcI1qfmeq3o1_1280Daria Morgendorffer- Daria

As if we could have a list without Daria, my favorite sarcastic dark humorous teen from Lawndale high. With her artistic best friend Jane in tow they were pretty much the best people in your high school class.

mfvtumblr_mf9monqwqx1r403jbo1_500Valerie Malone- Beverly Hills 90210

Yes, I had to include Valerie from 90210. If you could look up the definition of “vampy girl from the 90s” in the dictionary, she would be right there. She would screw you over, smile in your face, and then maybe slash the tires of your car. Let’s get one thing straight, she was not Brenda.


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