“Press Play” w/ GCDS

katie_gcds_1I’ve been more intrigued with streetwear as time goes on. There is such a defined sub-culture that lives within it, much like the underground rock music of the late 80, early 90s that I love so much. Since fashion is inspired by just about everything I thought a dose of European style was needed for my next editorial on the site. I’ve been admiring GCDS from Milan, so I couldn’t wait for the chance to collab with them. Get ready for the fall with this latest series.

katie_gcds_2katie_gcds_4katie_gcds_6katie_gcds_7katie_gcds_8katie_gcds_9katie_gcds_13katie_gcds_15katie_gcds_17katie_gcds_18katie_gcds_19katie_gcds_20photography & styling: Lauren Melanie Brown

model: Katie @ Unite Unite Agency

hair &makeup: Elina Shelest

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