90s Girl Crush: Rachel True

tumblr_nilj4mwG8S1u2tl5co2_540Omg Rachel True is seriously one of my 90s girl crushes. Not only are we semi- doppelgängers, but she is in some of my favorite movies ever like The Craft and Nowhere. It was definitely time to dig up some old photos and relive some of her iconic moments in 90s cult cinema.

enjoy this scene cut from The Craft, which is pretty brilliant

dangereuse_alliance_the_craft_1995_portrait_w858Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.45.11 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.46.02 PMtumblr_njj1dr8abG1r0d25ro2_400tumblr_nlo20xw2Pi1skmvzoo1_1280tumblr_nt3zb9e45H1slg0uvo1_1280tumblr_ntjz44EbWy1sfnn0mo1_540images via google + instagram

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