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I’ve had a perpetual skin crisis for most of my life. In a past life I must have been some type of race car driver/ rockstar/ beauty product developer. There are numerous products that I have tried but recently I’ve been into trying out the natural and organic lines as it really does matter what you put on your skin. Klurskin is a new line based in Los Angeles, CA using plant based and organic ingredients in their products. Here’s what I think of the products I’ve tried out!




Rose & White Tea Cleanser

I’m still actually using this cleanser. Most of the time I have pretty oily skin so this really works to take the excess oils from my skin. Has a fruity smell and a light texture which is great.


Hyaluronic + Vitamin C Serum

Keep in mind this was the first time that I ever tried a serum in addition to my skincare routine. This is by far my favorite from the line. I add a few drops in the morning and night to my moisturizer and it really prevents breakouts, which is great for me. Smells like an orange zest, and vitamin C is literally the best for your skin.


Organic Fusion Radiance Oil

At first this started to break out on my skin for some reason. Turns out that I started to add it to my hand lotion and it’s made my skin amazing! Now, I’ve just started to use it after my weekly mask treatments and it’s been great. There are so many great benefits to the right products and Klurskin is definitely living on my top shelf right now.

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