On the Ready: Glossier’s Phase Two

It’s rare that I wax poetic about a beauty brand. I’ve been such a phobic about makeup and I’m happy to say that Glossier totally pulled me out of that fog.

Since their launch last year I’ve literally been stalking their instagram for more product releases. Just a few weeks ago they released Phase 2ย which is literally on heavy rotation.

PRIMARY P2S_Group_03

PRIMARY P2S_Product_01

phase 2: generation G lipstick, stretch concealer, boy brow

PRIMARY P2S_Product_18

Generation G lipstick; $18

If you don’t need a mirror to put on a lipstick, then it’s for me. It comes in 4 sheer but matte shades and literally blends in with everything.

PRIMARY P2S_Product_07stretch concealer; $18

I’ve been searching for a good concealer to put under my eyes without looking crazy for a while now. Either I found liquid, which was too messy or those sticks that just didn’t work for me. This one creates a dewy finish and even covers dark spots. A-ok from me!


boy brow; $16

Thankfully, Glossier has added one of my favorites in their range. Check my previous review for a more in depth look!


*Glossier currently ships within the US but hopefully will be expanding soon!

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