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The natural & organic skincare revolution is thriving. It seems one by one my medicine cabinet is being replaced by more organic products. When I saw that one of my friends from LA, makeup artist Gloria Noto was creating a unisex skincare line I was immediately intrigued. I tried some of the range and asked her a few questions on the inspiration for NOTO Botanics.


FG: You’ve made a mark on the beauty & fashion industry as a makeup artist. What prompted you to create a unisex skincare + beauty line? 

GN: I wanted to create something that had multiple uses for everyone.  I love the idea of sharing and needing to own less, including organic ingredients with potent qualities.  These are things I use in my daily life, and I wanted to share my experience and passion with others. 

FG: Why was it important to you for your line to be natural and organic? 

GN: Because I feel that somewhere along the social line, we have had a huge disconnect to our earth and the understanding that the choices we make now will create a ripple and effect not only our future but our children’s future and the planets future.  We can have the things we want, but made in a way where it will not destroy our enviornment, and I wanted to help shed light on all of these topics, while making something that makes you look and feel great. 

FG: What is one of the most important beauty trick or tip you’ve learned? 

GN: To have compassion for yourself and cultivation of self love.  Once you can have these things then you can really own your beauty. 

FG: In addition to the Noto Botanics line you’re an editor in chief of your own publication, WORK Magazine and a painter. How do create a balance with all of your projects? 

GN: This is something I am constantly checking in with myself about.  To be honest, it’s not easy.  I can’t avoid my curiosities and interests, nor do I want to – and I feel like there is always a new project coming around the corner.  I think the trick is time management and being completely present while working in whatever project that is in front of your face in that moment.  Easier said than done, but I try ! 

FG: What is your favorite Noto Botanics product? 

GN: Each does something very different, so ALL of them. haha.  I love Rooted oil for my hair and scent and use it every day.  I use Deep serum every morning and every night.  I can’t really choose one thing, in complete honesty. 


Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.16.36 PM

The multi-benne color stain and the hydra highlight  are some of my favorites so far. I’ve never been much of a highlight girl but after I spray on my toning water, just a spot on the eyelids is the perfect amount of shimmer, with a balmy texture. The color of the stain is just perfect for a lip color without the ‘stick’ texture.

 Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.16.57 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.17.33 PM

the basil yarrow mist  is just another addiction of mine. It takes so much restraint not to just spray this everytime I walk by the dresser. My toner has now been replaced by such a clean fresh scent. Next I’m going to try it on my hair.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.16.49 PM

Serums are one secret that I wish I discovered sooner. A few drops of the deep serum in your moisturizer really brightens the skin and gives you an awake feeling. It truly is amazing how plant based elements are so beneficial inside and out.


Find more info on NOTO Botanics:

Facebook and @noto_botanics on instagram

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