Mixtape: Off-Track May 2016

ph. Butterfly by Nadz Banaag 

Yes, I know I snuck in again just under the wire for the month of May. This episode is a little bit different, offering some well known music and some local independent bands that I’ve just discovered recently. I’ve added links to their sites and bandcamp so you can check out and buy their music as well. Enjoy!


Ethica – Supreme – bandcamp

Stone Temple Pilots- Lounge Fly 

Witch Coast- True East– bandcamp | iTunes | Facebook

Hole- Dicknail

Pretty Vicious- Cave Song 

Alice in Chains- Got Me Wrong

Brand New- I Am A Nightmare – digital download

Tender Age- Get High — bandcamp | instagram

Minor Threat- Seein Red

Head Automatica- Shot In the Back (The Platypus)

Teen Daze- Gone for the Summer — bandcamp

foul swoops- four mile run — bandcamp | facebook

husker du- broken home, broken heart

Cocteau Twins- Summerblink

Tokyo Police Club- Sixties Remake

Foozle- Another Autumn– bandcamp | facebook


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