Beauty File: Melt-Free Summer Lip Looks

Hello lovelies, can’t believe it is June already! I hope everyone is getting psyched for summertime. I’m in the height of wedding season, which means frequent runs to my local drugstore to restock on false lashes, mascara, and lipsticks! I have gathered a few long wear, matte liquid lipsticks to talk about. 

With the summer brings beach trips, barbecues, and if you are like me, and live in the Northeast United States, extreme high level of humidity! All the lipsticks that I mention hold up well through the heat, so lets get into it! 


1. Milani Matte Lip Crème– Milani is one of my favorite drugstore brands. It is very cheap, cruelty free, and available on amazon, and I picked the colors “precious” and “devotion”. Precious is the rose/pink color, devotion is the deep, wine red.  The formula of these is very silky, and pigmented, a little bit goes a long way! The applicator is a bit flimsy for my liking, so I prefer to apply these with a brush. Once the color is on the lip, it drys down very quickly, which I love.  Towards the end of the day, I did get a bit of flaking, and the corners of my lips were dry, but for $7.00, I’d say these are a wonderful option for when you need a summer proof lipstick, oh, and they legit smell like vanilla frosting!


2. Milani Matte Color Statement Lipstick – This is a nice option for those who really don’t like a liquid lip due to the drying factor. The pigment of these $5.00 lipsticks is absolutely incredible! I went with a beautiful orange/red color called passion. The texture is actually kind of creamy when you’re applying it. It does settle  in to a matte finish, but there’s still a bit of moisture, it doesn’t feel totally dry. It wears very well, I got about 5-6 hours out of it, which for a regular lipstick is pretty good! I have nothing bad to say about these! I think they are a great deal, offer a lovely selection of shades, and wear very well!


3. NYX Slide On Glide On Stay On & Definitely a Turn-on Waterproof Color Lipliner– Yes, I swear that is the actual name! This baby is a gem! Nyx is my favorite drugstore brand, cruelty free, amazing quality products, and one of the largest selections of every product! I would say these lipliners can be used at liquid lip stains, the wear is that good! My favorite color is “bedrose”, a gorgeous dusty rose/coral.  Perfect for a beach day, when you want a natural, slightly flushed lip! These are so creamy, so rich, and so long lasting, I  bought almost every color that my CVS had! You can obviously wear them alone, or layer a lipstick/gloss on top.


4. Glossier Balm Dotcom in Coconut.– This is not technically a drugstore buy, but it’s a drugstore price, and I am obsessed with it! It smells like summer, and not in a saccharine sweet, fake coconut way! It’s an all purpose balm, you can dab a bit on the high points of your cheeks for a glow, use it to prep and moisturize your lips before putting a long-wear matte lip, use it to take off said matte lip,and use it on mosquito bites! It’s literally that good. You can order it from, and it’s $12, a lil goes a long way, so the .5oz. tube will last you awhile!

Let me know what heat proof, drugstore products you guys are loving for summer!


Erin – 

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