Serene Romance: Alessia Gunawan

There have been so many new discoveries I’ve found over the past weeks. London based photographer Alessia Gunawan is just a recent one. Her photographs capture serene moments of life with just a dash of a street inspiration.


Alessia Gunawan is an Italian and Indonesian photographer living in London.

She’s interested in the way photography, nowadays allows individuals to interpretate the reality we had already documented in the past, by putting the different pieces together and trying to make a sense out of it.

Aside from her lyrical photography documentary, she also experiments with fashion photography.

Having as her subjects her personal friends, she gets inspired by their characters and tries to interpretate them from her point of view and play with them by recreating or enhancing particularities of their personality.

She has always loved playing dress up, and so she loves creating roles that are different from the subject as well. Making them step out from their comfort zone as it happens with Hanna. A sweet friend from who she tries to capture her inner strong character taking on the role of a “bad ass” girl.

On the other hand, from Mathilda, she tries to simply capture her natural light by taking soft portraits of herself and later on with her boyfriend Olle.














Senza titolo-2-Recuperato

Senza titolo-3



Photography: Alessia Gunawan @alygunawan

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