60 Minutes w/ Jules of Den-Mate

A few months ago I went to the Black Cat, a venue here in DC to catch a show. I must admit I don’t go to as many concerts as I did in my youth but I’m catching up. The show was a release for the band Den-Mate (Babe City Records). I instantly fell in love with their darkwave, electro-rock sound. Even better, the band is fronted by Jules Hale, part Bjรถrk part Fiona Apple. We chatted a bit backstage and vowed to definitely meet up another time.

A month ago we met up first in the Mount Pleasant area of DC to take some photos. Jules is one of those people that you feel you’ve known forever. This made for an awesome exchange of creative flow.

She’s just started her East Coast tour so check the dates below and go check them out at a city near you! They put on an incredible show.











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photos by @lauren_melanie


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