Inside Her Lo-fi World: An Interview with Grace Lillash

No matter where you live the language of photography and visual arts transcends. From the first time I saw Grace Lillash’s work (aka. @greazi),  I was transported to a vivid analog world.  Her stunning hazy videos and cinematic inspired photos just had another story to tell. Here is her take on the audio and visual inspirations that shape the work itself.


Introduce yourself. What’s your hidden talent? 

My name is Grace Lillash I am 15 years old and I live in Columbus, Ohio. My hidden talent is photography and I do some filmography. 

How would you explain your artistic style?

I am big with shooting friends of mine or people I find from Instagram. With that I tie in evangelical and low-fi aspects into my style of work.

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You mention that the lo-fi style influences your work.What about it do you like or identify with? 

I love the griminess feel lo-fi gives in both my videos and pictures. 

Describe your brainstorming process. Do you do anything in particular to start a project?

Have to say I still use tumblr on the daily for much of my brainstorming process. Lately I have been looking up to Nan Goldin and David Sims’ work for their style. It is what I inspire to be. 

What do you do when you get a “creative block”?    

I always listen to my favorite music to get my brain pumpin’ and tumblr, tumblr, tumblr. 

What are some of your favorite tumblr accounts for inspiration? 

 I have many favorites but I get much inspo from the blogs imlookingfornobody, too-civilized, and sjowee


Do you have a muse or someone in your life that inspires you, who? 

My major inspirations change a lot but at the moment I have found myself getting inspired by the badass singer Soko! These past months I have fallen in love with her and her unique style. Not to mention she dated one my all time crushes Zachary Robinson from the dreamy band Swim Deep. 

You are are also in many of your sister’s works and vice versa. Describe the creative relationship you all have together and how it started. 

My older sister Chloe (@lillchlo) has always influenced me when it comes to photography, she had started around the same age as I did. I think I started “modeling” for her last year but as of a couple years ago I found my love for taking pictures after Chloe. We have definitely both discovered our different styles but I still see each other building off of one another whether if she’s helping me style a shoot or giving ideas. 



What is your favorite music video and why? 

My favorite music vid has to be The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen (creds to my friend for showing me this one). Not only is the song amazing but I love the eeriness and colors in the video (Ian McCulloch is also a gem in it haha). You could say I love any The Jesus and Mary Chain video too…. 

If you could book a trip anywhere right now, where would you go? 

I would go straight to California for I have never been but my dream is to go there for college. The music scene is crazy and I want to grow as a photographer there and get more into film. There are too many people I would to love to meet and shoot from Cali too!

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

Lastly, take a photo of something really important to you that is in your room. Tell why it’s important. 

Gotta say I deeply treasure my giant stuffed shark. This guy reminds me of my love for sharks when I was little. Before Greazi came it was all sharklover6 for everything…even webkinz. Not only that but it’s great to cuddle with and everyone seems to get ahold of it when in my room. Much love to the shark.


Find more of Grace’s work: @greazi | Vimeo | Tumblr 

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