A Tribute to an Icon + Legend: Dylan Rieder

a tribute to skateboarding icon, Dylan Rieder

Earlier this week skateboarding and cultural icon Dylan Rieder passed away at the age of 28 after a battle with leukemia. While most may not be familiar with him, his skating and style has been a quiet inspiration so many.

Dylan Rieder had the ability to put his classic and smooth style into everything he did. As one of the best pro skaters, his skating style can best be described as crisp, elegant, and powerful.

From my days living in California I had an outsiders look more into the skate world and began to appreciate it in a new way. I remember a few years ago I discovered one of his many skate videos and immediately wrote about him. There was just something intriguing about him I’d never seen before.

Fashion and skateboarding have always had such a tricky relationship. When most skaters seem to just throw caution to the wind when it comes to fashion, Dylan showed his fashion inspirations as an extension of his skating.ย In the past few years he collaborated with HUF on a range of footwear, worked with Epokhe on eyewear, and starred in a DKNY campaign. He has and will continue to be a tremendous influence on the visual culture of skating.









Ride in Peace Dylan Rieder

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