Superhero Serums by Glossier

review of vitaminย super serums by Glossier

Glossier, the beauty cult brand launched from Into the Gloss is best at making you realize how to re-think your skincare routine.In the past six months I’ve become more into skincare and experimenting with makeup in general. Expect to see more info on the site about different lines and in depth reviews.

Just about 2 months ago they released The Supers (which are now restocked), a line of vitamin based serums to compliment your easy skincare regime, but all with specific purposes in mind.

There are three serums: super bounce, super pure, and super glow. I’ll share with you what worked for me and my overall thoughts on each one.



Super Bounce, ($28) Hyaluronic Acid Serum
I decided to start out the trio pack with my favorite serum. The main uses that this serum is advertised for is for hydration purposes. While it came out in the summer, now that it’s winter time since my skin is dry I mix it with a heavier moisturizer especially at night. It has a milky consistency which makes it great to blend with moisturizer or just use as a stand alone after toner.
Just as a disclaimer, I do have pretty sensitive skin so this worked wonders and I did see a slight difference when I was using it consistently after a week. I would suggest that if you are over 25+ this can be a great addition to your ‘mature’ skincare regime.



Super Pure, ย ($28) Niacinamide + Zinc Serum
Ok, yes I’m 33 and still have acne. It’s not nearly as traumatic as it was growing up but definitely during that time of the month the occasional blemish rears it’s ugly head. In the Glossier advert this can also be used when you’ve been neglecting your nutrition, which also contributes to your skin condition. This serum is designed to eliminate redness and control your breakouts.
This didn’t completely stop my breakouts but it did calm the redness a bit. The consistency here is thinner and completely clear but not ‘syrup’ like if that makes sense. It’s definitely worth a try!





ย Super Glow, ($28) Vitamin C + Magnesiumย 
This one is the last one that I started using in my trio pack. I had been using another vitamin C serum that was pretty cool so I figured this one would do the same. The consistency of this one is very watery and it kind of slips off your hand pretty easily. I find this one works better when I mix it directly with my moisturizer.
There hasn’t been a noticeable ‘glow’ to my skin since using this one but I’m just about 1/3 of the way through the bottle. Not my favorite in the bunch but we’ll see.





If you’ve ever wanted to try any Glossier products (they are all pretty awesome), I have a code for 20% off your first purchase! They currently only ship to the US but should be shipping worldwide soon!

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Fall/Winter beauty faves this week so stay tuned!

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