Winter Chill: Beauty Faves

some of my favorite beauty picks for the winter chill

The fact that it’s 24 degrees right now is the perfect time to discuss winter beauty. Much like most of the Northern Hemisphere we are dreading what the cold weather does to our skin. Since I’ve been experimenting with makeup lately and delving into more skincare, here is a list of my current faves for the ‘winter chill’.

Milk Makeup Holographic Stick, $28

When I first heard about Milk Makeup I was instantly thrown back to the makeup of the 90s. Almost like the feeling when Urban Decay and Hard Candy first came on the scene. The rest of the world is pretty much obsessed with highlighters, but I wanted something a little different. I first tried out the mascara in my Birchbox and couldn’t wait to explore more.

The ‘holographic stick’ is something out of a 90s makeup dream. With a prismatic finish that you can just simply roll on anywhere it reminds me of an icy snowflake. It simply melts into your skin and has a creamy formula. Make sure to sign up for the waitlist on their websitesince it’s literally sold out everywhere. And for good reason.

Milk Makeup Shadow Liner (Hustle), $26

As someone who has a perpetual fear of putting on crooked eyeliner, this is kind of perfect. The thin chisel tip which draws on more like a pen is genius. Either you can use the edge to draw a line or use the full chisel for a shadow look. Also, who doesn’t want a bit of navy blue hue for the winter.

Jojoba Intense Overnight Renewal Cream, $52.95

I have been looking for a heavy moisturizer for what seems like forever. This company was a new find for me and this cream is a literal dream. They sent me a sample of this cream which uses marine collagen and vitamin E to enrich and hydrate your skin overnight. Even if you’re young it’s definitely not too early to take care of your skin. This also makes it better as a base when applying your makeup. I usually add a drop or two of serum to it as an extra boost.


NOTO Botanics Hydra Highlighter, $25

I wrote about my friend starting NOTO Botanics a few months ago. After about six months I finally disovered my favorite product is the Hydra Highlighter. It comes in this great small jar so it’s really easy to use with your fingers or a brush. For me I like to swipe some on the inner eyelid corner and cupids bow.

Klurskin Ultra Bright Serum, $40

It seems vitamin C is the name of the game. It’s included in many skin serums these days and for good reason. During the winter skin can get quite dull so on top of moisturizing I put a few drops of this on my skin to give it that extra glow.

Also, in 2017 they are going to be releasing new products which I can’t wait for. A few months ago I got a preview of exfoliator and plant based eye cream. So more info on that coming soon.

Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Leo + Zip, $18

Yes, we all know Glossier by now. The latest colors are completely straight out of Rayanne Graff’s beauty drawer. Zip is described as a poppy red with an orange undertone, which makes you look like you just ate a firecracker popsicle. Leo is a warm cocoa, this is definitely my favorite out of the two. The best thing to do is to start with a clear balm as a foundation and then apply these over top.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, $20

To be fair this was a total surprise and unexpected. This I got in my first Birchbox in September and it’s honestly the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used. The problem I always have is that since I have dark hair it usually ends up looking chalky and not blended in. This formula is meant for dark hair and when I straighten it for the winter, it moisturizes it without the whole washing and drying shenanigans.


I hope you enjoyed some of my beauty picks and if you have any faves yourself let me know in the comments below!


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