Daily Riot by Costalamel

daily riot; the winter campaign from Costalamel

— The latest campaign from Barcelona based streetwear company Costalamel is drenched in youth energy. Aptly titled Daily Riot,  it’s shot in an abandoned location that also harnesses the beauty of tearing down and starting anew.

Daily Riot is a protest in favor of pleasures. It’s a romantic, hedonist and radical revolution. It comes from the idea that we directly assume that life’s temporary but we don’t act consequently. Instead, we follow the plan we’ve been told about how to be happy and successful. If life’s temporary, why not take pleasures seriously?


Costalamel A/W 17 @costalamel

Photography: Albert Ruso

Models: Clara Griffiths, Pablo Viaplana, Ibra Ceesay, Joana Massana, Jeldri Vallejo

Style: Sílvia Orell

Location: The Creation House by Cristina Rodríguez

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