Hellion: a short film by Timothy Nathan

the premiere of the short film Hellion by Timothy Nathan

A few months ago I shared the trailer and production stills from filmmaker Timothy Nathan’s Hellion. It’s finally time for it to be released online. This story of life, friendship, and rebellion is soaked in 90s culture and an honest voice.

Check out the full film and some behind the scenes production stills.

Hellion – A Short Film

Luka Raubenheimer as Heath @luka.r_films
Kath Ebbs as Chloe @kathebbs
Bryn Parish as Claude @_chapish_
Kale Neville as Kale @kaleneville

Writer & Director: Tim Nathan @charlie_marmaduke
Director of Photography: Jay Button @jaybutton_
1st Assistant Director: Jessica Long
Additional Photography: Marcus Solomon @marcussolomon
Sound/Mix: Lucas Robinson
Colour: Brad Crawford
Original Score: Jim Mitchell

Agency: Culture Machine @culturemachine

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