Nika Tom Lookbook S101

lookbook from Croatia based designer, Nika Tom

Collection S 101 is inspired by paintings of french artist Pierre Soulages. The purpose of this collection was to find a connection between art and design – finding inspiration in one expression and transferring it to another.

Why S101 ?

“S” stands for smocking, which is a technique by which the artist’s textures from paintings have been transformed into fabric. Number 101 is for the amount of shirts produced for the first garment of the collection. The same garment needed to prove the validity of the whole concept.

Soulages’ paintings are known for their endless black depth, created by playing with the light reflected off of the texture of the paint. The smocking technique fits here perfectly because its three dimensional appearance gives fabric the same endless depth which was the main idea of the collection.

Concerning the visuals of the collection, a short story written in collaboration with Alja Gudzevic, is encompassing an initial idea of making-of the collection. Through its abstract motives, the story is describing the whole concept of the collection and is incorporated in the lookbook – meritorious for its graphic design is Ana Šolić. With an experimental way of presenting her lookbook, the designer wanted to present the process of the creative origination that can be parallelized to life periods, processes  and creation during the latter. The matrix of those processes is the same. The initial swing, appearing from the conception of creating reality, is then linked to other already well-known processes.  In this process of creation every single story is differing from the other; whether it is an artistic or general life flow on which man is having an effect and as much he is letting it go. During the process, we are realizing how much an individual is finding its own ways through which he or she is willing to reach an imagined result. The satisfaction in this process is working exactly as a mirror of the possibilities that a man on that way is accepting, modifying and rejecting, and those are furthermore making the act of creation a unique one and impossible to be repeated.

Design: NIKA TOM @nikatom_

Photo: Frane Pamic

MUA: Kristina Atletic

Model: Nusa Kujundzic

Text: Alja Gudzevic

Graphic design: Ana Solic

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