Beauty Shelf: Youth To The People

a review of natural & vegan skincare line, Youth To The People

Just a few months ago I mentioned that I’m going to be delving into more beauty on the site. So I’ve spent the past month testing out various skincare lines. The natural and preservative-free skincare market has been grasping my attention as of late. I’m 33 and it’s probably time that “anti-aging” appear on most of my bottles and elixirs. That’s not to say that you can’t use them in your 20s.

The first line is called Youth To The People, a superfoods based skincare regime that provides you another way to eat your greens. I tried out their three products: the cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. I’ll list my favorites ranking from the best for me on down.

Age Prevention Serum, $62

Over the past three years I’ve learned the value of a good serum. The benefits of Vitamin C are truly incredible and I don’t know how I’ve lived without it this long. This serum has a light consistency and I usually apply it after my toner during a morning routine. The line is completely infused with kale, which gives you the vitamins your skincare needs beyond just the food capacity. Hyaluronic acid is another ingredient that has been recently found in many anti-aging products. This one is by far my favorite and I’ll definitely be re-purchasing as a part of my skincare routine.

Age Prevention Cleanser, $36

There have been many cleansers in and out of my medicine cabinet. I never really thought about the reason why I haven’t been loyal to just one. There are different times of the year that I have different skin issues, as does everyone. First off I love the natural and very stripped down feeling of this cleanser. It’s not overly sudsy or heavy when applying. We had a bit of very hot weather briefly and this cleanser was the best to deal with that dose of humidity. I can only imagine that this will be a lifesaver when the summer heat hits.

Age Prevention Cream, $48

Ok, just a disclaimer it was really hard to rank all of these products. There are definite pros and cons for this product. The pros are that it’s extremely light weight and great to layer under makeup in the morning. I typically have oily/combination skin so I tend to stray from heavy creams. Although during the winter months I do want something that is ultra hydrating. For me this cream will be more beneficial to my skin in the spring and summer.


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