DC Web Fest 2017

 a look at upcoming shorts in the DC Web Fest 2017

A while back I shared this new web show called Orange Juice in Bishops Garden, a show I described as Skins UK in DC during the 90s. When I moved back to DC a few years ago I got a chance to meet the creator, Otessa Ghadar.

We’ve now become fast friends and she’s also the founder of the DC Web Fest which now in it’s fifth year explores and showcases diverse and fresh talent in web series’, app development and gaming here in the Nation’s Capital. The festival takes place this Saturday, and I’ve decided to show some films I’m looking forward to.

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High Road – New Zealand

A washed-up, British rockstar is kicked out of London and sent to New Zealand where he finds his long-lost daughter. Featuring Emma Thompson.

Idiot Box – Australia

Two best friends from childhood struggle with adulthood (and life in general).

The Messy Truth – U.S. (DC)
Political Analyst, Van Jones  visits Gettysburg, PA days before the election to speak honestly to Trump supporters, Clinton supporters and undecided voters.

For more info head to dcwebfest.org  @dcwebfest

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