Loladonna by Sole Hernandez

Loladonna by Sole Hernandez

I’m so thrown by this new story by Sole Hernandez which is like living inside a candy store. All the bright colors have me thinking of the new rave scene in the 80s plus some early 90s love.

vintage shirt

denim jumpsuit by h&m

vintage choker

Little black dress by Amores trash couture

vintage Sweater

Palazzo by RΓ­e

Vintage necklace

Blazer by victoria M. Ortiz

Cardigan by Trosman

vintage pants

Top by topshop

Vintage choker

vintage hoodie

Pants by victoria M. Ortiz

Vintage denim jacket

Shirt by Claudia rubinsztein

vintage sweater

Skirt by topshop

Fishnets by ZARA

Photographer: Sole Hernandez


Model: Luly from Mayger Models @cestluly

Styling : Maia Frid @maiafrid

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