And Dream of Me by Cecilia Alejandra

living in a fairy tale in Cecilia Alejandra’s story

Do you ever feel like living in a fairy tale? This whimsical and fantasy hued story from Cecilia Alejandro in Texas is just that. From the warm cast and the mix and matching of the eras of clothing really make living in this world even more exciting.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh swiimsuit

Vintage mesh t-shirt

Topshop pants

NIN3 earrings

Vintage bikini top

Forever 21 jacket

Levi’s jeans

Asos shoes

Darner socks

Wray dress

Vintage paisley dress

Converse sneakers

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent blouse

Levi’s jeans

Darner socks

Asos shoes

Photography & Styling: Cecilia Alejandra @cecilia.alejandra

Model:Β Livvy Bennett @livvylivvy

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