Beauty Shelf: MUJI Balance Skin Care

a review on the ‘balance’ line from MUJI Skincare

I’m super excited to bring you this review. As some of my close friends know, I’ve been a longtime fan of MUJI skincare. For those who aren’t familiar with MUJI, think of it as a Japanese store that’s a mix between Container Store and Target. Known for their visually pleasing minimal packaging that looks great on any beauty table, it’s time to go more in depth with their skincare range.

I normally use their ‘sensitive’ skin range which is mostly water based. The natural water found in their skin care is harvested from Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture in Japan. This new line that MUJI sent is the ‘balance’ series. The ‘balance’ line is meant to restore moisture and even skin tone using plant extracts from Okinawa. Here are my thoughts on the four stand out products.

Muji [Balance Skin Care] Light Toning Water, $22, 13 oz

The first thing about MUJI that I adore is the pricing. It’s just a few steps above drugstore prices without being too expensive. Apart from the minimal packaging that I just can’t rave enough about, the products really work. This toner has the weight of plain water but with a slight citrus fragrance, from the tropical turmeric extract. It always amazes me how much dirt and grime this cleans off my face both in the morning and night. Any of the toners are great for sensitive skin and when you want a good clean or refresh.


Muji [Balance Skin Care] All in One Essence, $15 3.5 oz

I’ve only recently heard about the use of essence in Korean skincare. It’s literally what it sounds like, an “all in one” formula. Imagine a toner, serum, and moisturizer together. It has a milky texture but quickly evaporates while patting into the skin. I don’t use this every day but on days that I’m in a rush it’s a welcome addition to my skincare routine.

MUJI [Balance Skin Care] Face Soap, $13

I’m obsessed with facial cleansers that give you that squeaky clean feeling. It just solidifies the fact that there is nothing left on the surface of my skin. One of the many reasons I love this one is that it gives just that feeling. It’s a thick soapy texture but when you add water it becomes a gentle foamy soap. Pair this with the essence in your gym bag and you’re good to go.

This isn’t available on the US Muji site but you can usually track one down on eBay pretty easily.

MUJI [Balance Skin Care] Moisturising Milk, $14 5oz.

The moisturizers from Muji are some of the best I’ve ever used, really. The bottles last forever and even though I have an oily T-zone for the most part, they absorb in the skin and give a healthy glow. Olive Oil is one of the active ingredients in this particular formulation and it’s attributed to the even skin tone that it provides.


Thanks to MUJI for sending me this range and I highly recommend checking out their site to see what range works best for you! For me, I can definitely see buying the balance range as my go to summer skin care regiment.



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