Alyda by Cesar Balcazar

Cesar Balcazar shoots Alyda in New York

In the city the best part is the shadows. Not only at night but in the day as well. It creates lines and patterns throughout streets and leaves some details only to change. Cesar Balcazar shoots Alyda in New York and provides just that same mystery.

Turtleneck; Elena Rudenko, Pants; NOT, Necklace; Laruicci, Boots; Topshop

Yellow Jacket; Karie Laks, Skirt, Pants, and flared pants; THII, Bandana metallic necklace; Laruicci

Fur Coat; Colin Locascio, Jeans (as top); Weannabe, Pants; THII

Yellow Jacket; Leka, Dress; RAEY, Boots; Topshop

shirt as top; Jennifer Chun, Pants; Elena Rudenko, Necklace and Bracelet; Laruicci

Photographer. Cesar Balcazar @cesarbalcazar
Stylist. Marti Arcucci @martiarcucci
Model. Alyda Carder @ Wilhelmina models @alydagrace
Hair. Jenny Wimmerstedt  @ivainsane
Makeup. Shawn Lumaban @shauneylicious
Photo Assistant. Pato Mendez & David Ferraro @patomendezz


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