Tempted by Alma Strkljevic

a campaign for Chicks on Chic by Alma Strkljevic in Croatia

Synergy of fashion and architecture

The new collection of the Croatian brand Chicks on Chic designed by Emina Štrkljević, with its explosion of colours and shades, brings us back to the 1980s, the decade which served as the basis for the designer’s inspiration. The designer takes us back to the time when everything was more relaxed and the outfits were braver. For this season, the designer has once again shown that she is not afraid to use colours, therefore, for the spring/Summer 2017 season, she suggests flamboyant orange combined with black, turquoise, purple and yellow in combination with white. Elegant dresses, “pyjama” shirts, culottes pants, jumpsuits and mantel dresses, called “mantilice” and inspired by the classical trench coat, are all made of lightweight materials such as silk, light twill cotton fabric and viscose satin. In this collection, the designer contrasted shiny and matte fabrics in order to achieve the wanted contrast and that special dose of dramatics.

The campaign was shot by Alma Štrkljević in neighbourhoods called Split 3 and Trstenik, in the architectural environment designed by the Croatian architect Dinko Kovačić. This area was one of the most important urban-architectural projects in Split in 1960s and 1970s, with which the architects and city planners wanted to restore the closeness between the neighbors, essential to the Mediterranean lifestyle, and create a neighborhood which will encourage people to socialize, get out on the streets and get closer to each other. With this campaign, Alma wanted to honor this important project and celebrate Mediterranean joie de vivre which is nowadays slowly disappearing by making this unusual fashion story in which she confronts fashion and architecture, colors and concrete, softness and strength.

Therefore, in this campaign, the models Danea Jonjić and Marija Kovač hung out together on the streets of Split and embodied a Chicks on Chic girl who is just seemingly gentle but who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Photography: Alma Štrkljević  / @alma.strkljevic / almastrkljevic.tumblr.com

Clothes: Chicks on Chic  / @chicksonchic / www.krugstore.com / www.facebook.com/chicksonchic

Styling: Emina Štrkljević /@emina_coc

Stylist assistant: Marin Filipović

Make-up: Ivana Filipović /@ivyfi

Models: Danea Jonjić (Ice Models) and Marija Kovač (freelance) /@daneajonjic / @icemodelsmilan / @maria_kovac

Jewelry: Little Wonder  / @littlewonderjewelry / www.littlewonderjewelry.com / www.facebook.com/littlewonderjewelry

Shoes: Marole / www.facebook.com/Marole-Shoes-291206161315913

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