Beauty Shelf: Saturday Skin

Β a review of Korean beauty range, Saturday Skin

Ok, I’m sure over the past few years you’ve been reading the buzz about K Beauty. From the top beauty publications, bloggers, and editors everyone seems to be swearing by the 10 step routine and Korean beauty brands. As someone who hasn’t tried any of these lines I decided Saturday Skin would be my first experiment.

Saturday Skin, based in Seoul, South Korea is a line with the intention of giving you the relaxing qualities of a weekendΒ at the spa. Hence the name ‘Saturday Skin’. I’ve read so many articles about the 10 step skincare routine which is a bit too much for me but their stand out products were super effective for me and definitely worth trying.

Perfect for a Saturday morning beauty post…

Daily Dew Hydrating Essence Mist, $34

Ok, there’s a reason I put this one first. It’s incredible. Now, I do love a good mist but this has the hydration of grape extract and kiwi to keep your skin dewy and it works great as a setting spray as well.

Rise + Shine Purifying Cleanser, $26

Over the past few months since I’ve been doing beauty reviews I’ve become partial to that ‘squeaky’ clean feeling that some cleansers have. Thankfully this gives you that feeling and leaves your skin soft without feeling stripped. It’s got a creamy texture and has apple and peach extracts. This is definitely my new favorite cleanser hands down.

Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream, $48

I only got a small sample of this but once it was over I was dying for more. The search for a perfect moisturizer is never ending and each one does serve it’s purpose. This one feels more like a thick jelly but with avocado proteins inside, it really seals in the moisture and keeps your skin plump all day long.


Spotlight Brightening Sheet Mask, $30

I’m probably the last person to hop on the sheet mask train, but I’ve hopped on. I have to admit I’ve definitely a convert. This one is specifically formed for brightening skin and evening up skin tone, which is something I need. I have dark marks that fade over time but anything to help the process along. Infused with bilberry, licorice, and lotus extracts it’s the mask that keeps on giving.

All Aglow Perfecting Cushion Compact, $40 (Shade: Goldie)

I love that I’ve been trying new beauty products within this line. The cushion compact is relatively new to me and this one serves as more of a tinted moisturizer in a compact form. It has a dewy glow and the cushion keeps the formula from being spoiled. This is definitely something that I use when I’m in a hurry and it’s great for a travel makeup bag.


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