Beauty Crush: Milk Makeup

makeup for the kewl kids, Milk Makeup

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard about MILK Makeup. The fresh new-ish beauty brand is based in NYC, but deeply rooted in that 90s ethos when it comes to makeup. The more vibrant colors and new techniques the better. Aside from following them on instagram and snapchat to see how people are wearing the line, I love the gender fluid vibe and inclusion with the brand. Most products are vegan and all are cruelty free, which is amazing. Their YouTube channel is just a constant inspiration on different looks you can create with their range.

A few months ago they sent me some products to try out and I thought I would share my thoughts and hopefully encourage you to try them as well!


Milk Makeup Oil Lip Stain in Feelz, $18


I’m always on the hunt for a lip color that isn’t as heavy as a lipstick but still has a hint of color. When these first came out I wasn’t a fan of the neon pink color so when a plum shade came out I was super stoked. This gloss formula keeps your lips hydrated and has a berry almost ‘after popsicle’ like tint.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick, $36

So before the Blur Stick I had no idea what a ‘primer’ was. However, when they marketed it as the ‘Snapchat’ like filter, yes you know the one I was ahh ok! It truly does what you’d imagine, blurs the pores and preps the skin for a tint or foundation. The fact that it’s silicone and oil free is great if you tend to have oily skin like me. I personally don’t wear anything heavy so bonus that you can wear it alone. It does look like a tan color but miraculously goes on clear so it any skin tone can use it!

Milk Makeup Liquid Strobe, Beam $24

This golden shimmery highlighter is perfectly on trend. The standout feature on this is the rollerball application. Usually I see powders which makes for a messy makeup job. However this is something to throw in your bag and add a touch of glimmer throughout the day.

Milk Makeup Eye Vinyl in Bridge, $20

Ok way back in the way Calvin Klein had a makeup range and there was this clear gloss you could smear on your eyelids that I loved. When it was discontinued I was heartbroken. Here we are about 20 years later and aside from putting clear lip balm over your shadow (which I’ve done) there is actually a product that gives you that effect without being too sticky and with a hint of color. Enter, eye vinyl.

Milk Makeup Eye Pigment, $24 (All-Nighter, Rave, After Party)

If you want vibrant color that literally stays on all night look no further than this pigment. These are the shades I got since I love a bit of a charcoal and rosegold as a neutral and the purple for when I’m feeling daring. Now, I want the electric blue.


all products via @milkmakeup

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