Not Bothered by Ilaria Cosentino

Not Bothered by Ilaria Cosentino in Italy

The perfect description for the this story by Ilaria Cosentino is ‘modern’. This whole set feels a perfect blend of the current take on the 90s aesthetic.


Jumper: Adidas, Jeans: Levi’s, Shoes: Ouigal, Earring: Rosantica  Sunglasses: David Mark, Corset: Stylist’s own

Jumper: Angelia Ami, Pants: Vertige, Shoes: Ouigal, Sunglasses: David Mark


Coat: Fase, Pants: Errea Republic, Belt : Off-White, Shoes : Andrea Mondin, Earring : Topshop

Shirt: Balossa, Pants: Nike, Belt: Angelia Ami, Earring: Stylist’s own, Sunglasses: Vintage, Shoes: Zara

T-shirt: Levi’s, Pants: Fase, Necklaces: Stylist’s own, Ring: Rosantica

Choker: GCDS, T- shirt: Missguided, Top: Stylist’s own

Photographer: Ilaria Cosentino @ilariacosentinoph /

Stylists:  Caterina Castello @catecastello /

Giulia Ambrosetti @giuliambrosetti_stylist /

Make Up Artist: Silvia Sidoli @silviasidolimua

Model: Alice Vink @Monster Management @alicevink

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