The Answer Must Be in the Attempt by Zerkalou

a story inspired by the film Before Sunrise by Zerkalou in Seattle

If you’ve never seen the film Before Sunrise stop reading this now and go watch it. It’s one of my favorite 90s films and has such a simple and complex story written in a conversational nonchalance and ease.  Directed by Richard Linklater, (dir of Dazed and Confused, etc…) the film tells the story of two strangers on a train in Vienna who take a chance on a spark between them.

This series by Zerkalou in Seattle is inspired by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy who star in the film. Check out this dreamy story and here’s the trailer below.


Photographer: Zerkalou (@zerkalou)

Models: Emily Van Liew (@madaacakaedadaa9733) and Dane McQuillan (@danemcq)

Agency: Seattle Models Guild (@smgmodels)

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