Senses: video virtual reality and love by Alexan Sarikamichian & Francisco de la Fuente

SENSES; a short film on video virtual reality and love

A short story of encounters and miss encounters between a man and a woman, through their search of new and more sensations. SENSES is almost a love story, of two youngsters immersed in a virtual and digital world seeking to explore new ways of feeling.


Here are some film photos to accompany SENSES…


Written, Directed and Produced by Fran De La Fuente @frandelaf & Alexan Sarikamichian @alexan_sar

Starring: Victoria Bugallo @vickybugallo & Guido Carminatti @carminattiguido

Special Appearance: Draku Solalinde @draku13

Also Starring: Dery Altamira, Clara Lopez 

DOP: Sebastian Ferrari & Dani Carrizo @dancarizzo

Color grade:  Sebastian Ferrari & Dani Carrizo @ferrari.sebastian

Art & Stylist: BUNT @_buntestudio by Johy Turek @johyturek & Dani El Cabo @dani.cabo

Makeup and Hair Style: Rocio Noelia Marrodan @rocio_marrodan for JC Agency 

Orginal Music: Joaquin Bartolomé Otero Sojo @elotexxx

General Production: Alexan Films

Head of Production: Verónica Manfredi

Assist Producer: Francisco Funes

Casting: Alexan Sarikamichian

Additional VR Content: Juan Falco

Art Assistants: Valentin Gatica, Cacu Luppi


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