TECHNOLOGY ADD1CT10N by Gianmarco De Pascalis

TECHNOLOGY ADD1CT10N  by Gianmarco De Pascalis

This series talks about how the human being is an hostage to incomprehensible codes. Nowadays man is a victim of a virtual world made of fake expressions of a binary codes of similar numbers. 

dress Costume National

drawing by Lorenzo di Giambattista

bomber Moschino, t-shirt Moschino, pants Moschino, shoes Mariga

bomber Moschino, t-shirt Moschino

turtle neck top Margiela, pants Hood

top 8 PM, pleated skirt Merci, shoes Victoria

dress Margiela, shoes Dr.Martens

dress Twinset

turtle neck top Pepe Jeans; skirt Prada, shoes Prada

turtle neck top Margiela, pants Hood, Shoes Prada

shirt Dolce & Gabbana, pants Hood, shoes Prada

top Armani, pants Chloè, shoes Prada

dress Costume National

Photographer: Gianmarco De Pascalis @giandepa

Model: Anju Abigail @anju_abigail

Stylist: Chiara Di Meo @chiaradimeoo

Make Up and  Hair Stylist: Sara Onori @saraonorimakeupartist

Drawing: Lorenzo di Giambattista @lorenzodg1996

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