Kiss My Acid by Céline Uréna

Kiss My Acid by Céline Uréna

“My inspiration for this shoot was streetwear, music and cinema.

This is a story about a girl lost in thoughts, in a cloud of smoke, but at the same time anchored in the real world, with her feelings about it.

An urban exploration: architecture (shapes, movement, rhythm) and landscapes, inspired by todays youth culture.

I photographed Darlean because I find her incandescent, her personality, her hair. To me she represents a type of grunge lifestyle, in her way, with a hip hop spirit.

The idea was to tell a story with a fashion twist in a contemporary poetic view point, to match with my own usual aesthetic.
Because of her «incandescence» I’ve lighted a rose on fire; also because I used to be a florist so I like working with flowers and integrated them to my photography when it’s relevant enough. ” –  Céline Uréna


Photography, story & floral: Céline Uréna
IG: @celthecat

Model & Wardrobe: Darlean
IG: @_darlean

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