Intimacy, Gender Perception, and the Dream State: Photography by Julia Hovve


Julia Hovve is a photographer and artist from London. Initially studying Fine Art, she chose to move to Berlin to work and study using photography as her medium. Her work explores themes of intimacy, gender perception and the dream state. Her current work weighs heavily on elements of human nature and who we are underneath the layers of society.

Here is her artist statement:

I love the simplicity of a portrait, and how it can tell so much about the subject, and the person who is taking the photograph, as well as the viewer. It can tell of a whole social group, or of a culture on the fringes of ‘larger society’. I enjoy documenting people who care about freedom. People who express a total devotion to freedom through how they dress, speak, act, how they live. The camera has an on going love of people who don’t play by the rules. I want to document this because I feel that if I do not, who will? And its too beautiful to miss. Who will remember this tribe of people where everything outside is forgotten, the moments where the rest of life doesn’t matter, and where the pressures of the world we live in refuse to exist. I want to be part of the alternative narrative that exists since the beginning of photography. All these moments captured – whether sublimely self destructive or wildly nihilistic- ‘the other’. The people that society refuses to accept, or refusal to adhere to the rules. Hw tragic it would be not to remember youth, and all the freedom that comes with it. I want to give voice to people and scenes that could otherwise be forgotten. In the end all that is left is the photograph, in this heartbeat of a life we get given.

find her on instagram @julia.hovve

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