Drama Doll by Charlotte Gendron

Wrapped in sumptuous fabrics that create drama in the photos is the new editorial Drama Doll by Charlotte Gendron in Paris.

Puffa Jacket, Vintage

Thigh boots, Zara

Gloves, stylist’s own

Cape, Vintage

Puffa Jacket, Vintage

Underwear, Calvin Klein

Tights, Falke

Shoes, Dolls Kill

Chain & Glasses, stylist’s own

Coat, Vintage

Bra, Calvin Klein

Jacket, stylist’s own

Trousers, Topshop

Shoes, Dolls Kill

Dress, Zara

Corset, Asos

Gloves, stylist’s own

Jacket, Vintage

Shoes, Dolls Kill

Belts, Topshop

Jacket, Stylist’s Own

Top, Vintage

Bra, Calvin Klein

Pant, Topshop

Scarf, Wasted Paris

Belts, Topshop and vintage

Stylist and Photographer : Charlotte Gendron @cidgey_

Model : Naïs Fassi @naisfassi

Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist : Johan Hermoso

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