End of the World by Kalindy Williams

It feels like we’re living in an alternate dimension these days. There are the same parallels within this editorial aptly titled, End of the World by Kalindy Williams.

Coat @antoniahhhh Dress : Dress Me Vintage @dressmevintage Earrings @doodad_and_fandango

Dress @fashionchelsea boots @antoniahhhh choker @discountuniverse Denim Vest and accessories – Stylist own

Dress and Vest @hoardcouture Purple mesh coat @juststuffvintage Boots @antoniahhhh

Pink Coat Yu yang thanks to @vintagegaragepreston skirt @fashionchelsea choker @discountuniverse necklace @filfyrish boots @antoniahhh

boots @antoniahhh pink coat and collar @filfyrish top @fashionchelsea Tartan jacket @alteredstatesau Stripe pants @juststuffvintage

coat and boots @antoniahhh leotard @lisslyssum shirt @filfyrish


Photography: Kalindy Williams @kalindymillions
Model : Maya @maya_j_k
Make Up : Genevieve Afif‎ @gaartistry
Stylist : Hayley Van Ree @filfyrish

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