The Intern by Jenny Peñas

We played with the idea of street-inspired office wear – a latex trench coat, peek-a-boo trousers and giant paper clip accessories. Our model, Katharina Dezer, is decked out in pieces by J.W. Anderson, Peet Dulleart,  Surface to Air and two upcoming Berlin-based designers – Selin Şahin and Chi-Mai Schreiber. Shot entirely in analogue film. 

Jacket – H&M Trend

Necklace – Chi-Mai Schreiber

Jacket – Monki

Blouse Turtleneck – Peet Dullaert

Blouse – Vintage

Trousers – Chi-Mai Schreiber

Shoes – Surface To Air

Jewelry – Stylist’s Archive

Body – Selin Şahin

Trousers – Selin Şahin

Vest – & Other Stories

Earrings – Chi-Mai Schreiber

Coat – Chi-Mai Schreiber

Body – Stylist Own

Trousers – Selin Şahin

Belt – Chi-Mai Schreiber

Earrings – Chi-Mai Schreiber

Shirt – J.W Anderson

Trousers – Vintage

Jacket – Selin Şahin

Skirt – Chi-Mai Schreiber

Shoes – Surface To Air

Photography by Jenny Peñas / @jeanina

Styling by Irini Mpantis / @irinipanti

Hair & Make-up by Lydia Schossee / @lydia_schossee

Modelled by Katharina Dezer @ M4 Models / @katha_rina_d @m4models

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